I haven’t had a lot of screen time recently.  This is what I’ve been doing while not staring at a computer screen:

Collecting train tickets and using them as bookmarks.

Eating pizza while watching my Dad attempt to play jump rope with an extension cord.  The morphine is working!

Meditating/crying while in a church.

Reading Naked on the train, while wearing clothes.

Drinking cider at The Scottish Real Ale Festival.  I’m such a rebel.

Getting a free copy of Rebecca from Sarge and World Book Night.

Having lunch with some of the bridal crew/maids of awesome.

Listening to Low while writing on envelopes until two whole pens are out of ink.  Mostly it’s this one on repeat:

Possibly the best cover ever.  John Denver makes me cry, but this one makes me infinitely happy.


What have you been up to?

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