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16th October 2011

My weekend begins on Friday, so we’ll start there.

I woke up and asked Sarge to make me a coffee. I did so nicely.

‘Can’t (the PA) do it?’

‘She doesn’t make coffee,’ I said. ‘She pours water into ugliness.’

‘Fair enough’, he said, turning on the coffee machine.

For the rest of the day I scribbled and read, scribbled some more and thought about organising my dresser-drawers. I opened them, and quickly shut them again. A story for another day, I thought. And then I chased the cat out of the bedroom not long before Sarge got home from work.

‘What should we do for dinner, be good or get take-away?’

‘The diet starts Monday. I vote for curry.’

And forty-five minutes later, we had pakora and Futurama in front of us. Futurama is one of those shows I didn’t realise I liked until I watched a few episodes. Either that, or Sarge won the coin-toss many, many nights ago and now I’m the one who says, ‘Let’s watch Futurama!’ Ours may be the only household where ‘bite my shiny metal ass’ just means it’s time to turn on the television. Most of the time.

On Saturday, we had salmon and eggs with soy sauce for brunch. Almost everything Sarge makes has soy sauce on it. Or in it. Or around it. I don’t complain because for one thing, I like soy sauce and b, I don’t cook.

Then we wandered up to the cinema to see Midnight in Paris.

‘What’s this actually about?’ I asked on the way.

‘It’s a Woody Allen film. So, Woody Allen.’

‘Fair enough,’ I said.

I love Woody Allen films. I liked this one because it had Hemingway in it. No, not my computer. The real one. Well, not the real one. That would have been really special. Yeah, I liked it. But as I watched Owen Wilson, I kept wanting to shout two words. ‘Blond’, and ‘Nose’. I didn’t. That would have been really special.

We went home and watched some more of the Northern Exposure Box set. I won the coin-toss. No, we don’t actually make decisions by tossing coins. Ever. Well, there was that one time.

And today, I’m scribbling and reading and scribbling some more. All while obsessively listening to this song:

Where has your weekend taken you?

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  • Reply Personal Concerns 16th October 2011 at 5:07 pm

    like the song!

  • Reply calypte 16th October 2011 at 5:10 pm

    Sounds like a pretty bloddy perfect weekend! Alas, I’m still up to my ears in coursework – final, 2-week push: LOADS to do, but then it will be done!! La 🙂

  • Reply becomingcliche 16th October 2011 at 5:28 pm

    Curry and TV sounds perfect! We went for a hike yesterday, and today I am going to do a major overhaul of my laundry room. I can’t wait!

  • Reply Sundry 16th October 2011 at 5:32 pm

    Nothing like someone to make you coffee. Hydra made ours this morning. Then we had a walk around the quiet neighborhood, bumping into the resident mumbling/chortling flock of fat quail a few times.

    We’re considerably behind you here in California, so most of Sunday still lies ahead. Plans are to get a new dryer vent cover and install it. Will probably make zucchini bread with the last of this year’s crop. Very exciting stuff.

    Yesterday I tore out the zuke, cuke and tomato plants. End of the season. All very pastoral.

  • Reply TriGirl 16th October 2011 at 6:08 pm

    Futurama really is a great show! I kinda love adult-centred cartoons 🙂 And you’re right: Owen Wilson is very blonde and must have broken his nose 10 times for it to look the way it does. But I think it’s kinda cool that he didn’t need to fix it in order to be a famous movie star 🙂

  • Reply Colleen 16th October 2011 at 8:51 pm

    Sounds like a lovely weekend to me. Mine was good and bad. Happy times with friends and the Hubs, but also a very sick baby. Now I’m working a 33 hour shift. Erg.

    Thanks for stopping by Cheap Wine and Cookies! I love your blog so far!

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