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Proof Of Pez

I have a three-day work week.  Thursdays are my Fridays.  In honour of this, I would like to share my most recent internet-find: Princess Bride Bobbleheads.  If I get these, they already have a place beside my Wizard of Oz Pez...

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Nina Simone Was Not A Man

Because Broadside and Oh My Words! wanted to know, here are 10 random, or maybe not-so random facts about moi: 1.  When I was a kid, I thought Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton were married.  Because everyone who sang duets were...

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Magic Coffee 3

Good After-morning!  What’s in there today? Featuring my current reads: A Visit from the Goon Squad Dr Zhivago What are you reading at the...

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Magic Coffee 2

Sarge said to me this morning, ‘Shall we see what’s in your coffee today?’ I thought I’d open the debate. And so, what do you see today?: And as a bonus, yesterday: And I saw this in last week’s...

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How To Have A Really Bad Cold

I’ve never been a good stuffed up person.  I’ve never liked taking naps, ask my parents.  The last time I slept during the during the day, I’d had all my wisdom teeth out the day before. Last week, my body was...

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My Life As A Desk

On my desk today, you’ll find: Coffee.  Today’s blend is Columbian Supremo. 2 of 501 pens in the house at any given time. My perfume.  I’m still working on the same bottle I bought two years ago.  I collect...

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