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It's The Little Things

Some of you may remember I have a thing for beautiful and nostalgic short films. This is my new favourite: Imagine emails and 2,853 text messages flying around and you’ve got the first 5 months of Sarge and me. Complete...

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The Answer Is Yes

Finally, there exists a Shit People Say to People With Disabilities video: When I was single, and I got ‘the sex question’ as an unsuccessful pickup line, the conversation would go something like this: Moron:  Can...

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Sunday Song: Wedding Processional

Dear Readers/supporters of our mawidge, And so, on Friday, Sarge and I were sitting around talking wedding music with my Dad and Anne.  Our song is ‘The Book of Love’, and that’s what I’d like to walk/roll/whatever down the...

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30 Days of Music: My Favourite Song

My quietude may be attributed to: A.  Getting old(er). 2.  Going gallivanting, and being out of range. iii. Getting a job.  I now work to make the world a more accessible place.  Yes, really. Or a mixture of all three.  Yes, I...

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Your Mom (Mine, Actually)

I talk to my mother on the phone once a week.  She always starts the conversation/answering machine message with:  Hi, it’s Mom.  Like I wouldn’t know it was her.  I’d swear even the ring sounds different when she’s on the other...

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