My quietude may be attributed to:

A.  Getting old(er).

2.  Going gallivanting, and being out of range.

iii. Getting a job.  I now work to make the world a more accessible place.  Yes, really.

Or a mixture of all three.  Yes, I know 30 is not old.  I like being 30, it suits me.  Although, I did recently have to write ‘I’m 30’ for the first time.  I’d never seen it before.  I wrote it, and I said: ‘Holy shit, I’m 30.’  After my shock, I’m good with it again.  30 has already given me a lot to be happy about.

I’ll write up the last few days when I have enough head-space, and enough caffeine in my system to do so.

I’ve been waiting until I’m actually 30 to do the 30 Days of Music, because I’m funny like that.

For now, here’s Billy Joel talking about one of my very favourite, epic-musical-event songs:

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