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I'd Take Them With Me

30th January 2013

Today’s Daily Prompt has me thinking.  What would I take with me?  In truth, I’ve thought about this a few times.  Mainly while waiting in the ‘safe place’ for a fireman to come up and tell me the fire is out.  Or there isn’t one.

There isn’t much else to think about, sitting behind a fire door, when the ‘safe place’ doesn’t feel very safe.

So, yeah.  I’ve thought about this question.  What would I take with me if my house was burning down?  The answer is not much.  And everything.

The prompt says to assume that people and animals are safe.  So, I will.  And I’ll add something else.  My chair is safe.  Because it would be under my ass.  Or piled with the stuff Sarge and I would take with us.  Sarge would be steering it with one hand while the other one had me in a fireman’s lift.  Because love lifts us up where we belong.  Or something.

Since we are safe and singing, this stuff is stacked in my chair.  Because we are safe and singing and resourceful:

My Grandma’s Graduation photo.  Because I love her and it down to the ground and around the world.  It lived in a white album when I was a kid.  And it was on a wall as I went through high-school.  I imagine Grandma saw everything.  Dad gave me a copy and she’s smiling in my living room.  I’d take her with me.  Because there’s still so much to see.

The photo of Grandma and Grandpa standing in front of their first house.  For all  of the above reasons.  And because the look so freaking happy.  And relaxed.  And hopeful.  And because they are my inspirations for married life and love and pretty much everything else.

A pencil drawing of my Poppy, dated 1949.  Because I talk to him, too.

A photo collage of Grandpa’s newspaper clippings.  He was a champion flower-grower.  My cousin put his award notices together with a packet of Daisy seeds that I still remember.  One of the best gifts I received on our to trip to  New York.

My Butterfly Box.  It’s where I keep old cards and letters and yet more photos.  Like the one of Nana and Poppy at a wedding.  And another one of them smiling in the 60s.  My green Italian leather notebook is in there, too.  And a purple one, which isn’t Italian.

The notebooks are on top of the first pair of sunglasses I ever bought with my own own money, and a card from my mother when I didn’t have any. It reads: When things are bad and getting worse, put a cookie in your purse. It was tacked up in my kitchen at University for a long time. Because my friends used the saying as a mantra. And because some people call me Cookie. Only designated people. So, please don’t. I’d lose my street cred, if I had any.

I wish my favourite pen was in my Butterfly Box. It isn’t. But my wooden name-train is. I call it a wooden name-train because it’s my name. On wheels. Made of wood.

The ‘A’ has de-railed. I guess you could say the name-train has been with me a really, really long time and knows me really, really well. You’d be right.

And since The Box is one thing, I’d stick some more memories in it. I’d cruise by the fridge, still hanging over Sarge’s shoulder, asking him nicely not to turn the wrong way and accidentally smack my head off the wall while I swipe my magnet collection. The oldest being a pair of family cats and the newest is one from my Dad.

Maybe surprisingly, I’d let most of my books burn. But I’d look for my copy of Death and the Penguin, the one Sarge wrote in before giving it to me. Perhaps he would curse the fact that our books aren’t alphabetised, before throwing the book at me. Maybe I’d stick it down my favourite butterfly shirt. So I could hold it between us. We’d be a book sandwich.

And out we’d go. Maybe singing. Upside down. And sideways. Definitely grateful. Taking only my family and my memories. Like always.

We can always find another wall.

We can always find another wall.

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  • Reply Doris 30th January 2013 at 6:00 pm

    I went through a tornado last year, I remember being in the closet with my mother with only a lamp, radio, candles, matches, and book. I told my mother while it was getting stronger do we need anything, no she said. I though oh the photos, but I did not grab them I have tons of photo albums and big huge box. I am working on a painting of that day, I save some things that fell of my house have been using them in it, and it was just the tip of a tornado. I think you gave me an Idea will have a box with the things that I love the most, but is true Memories last a life time, and things well are just things. Like how a simple object can mean so much, good post.

    • Reply LKD 30th January 2013 at 6:30 pm

      Glad you and your Mom made it through, Doris! I love the idea of making art out of it. I do hope you show off the painting..

      And I’ve often thought of making a mosaic out of smashed things, but I haven’t yet!

      • Reply Doris 30th January 2013 at 8:39 pm

        you should it must be fun

  • Reply Miriam Joy 30th January 2013 at 6:35 pm

    I would want to take ALL of my books! But I guess if I grabbed my laptop, it has a fairly decent list of the books I own (I’m working on a complete inventory), so I could always replace them. What I couldn’t replace is all the files and photos and novels and stuff. So, yes, my laptop, JARVIS. What else? Hmm, my notebooks, I think. Just my favourite ones, the ones near my bedroom door. And a couple of the really old books I inherited from my grandparents. Most of my nostalgic things are in the form of writing, for me.

  • Reply HOUSE OF CARDS « hastywords 30th January 2013 at 9:25 pm

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  • Reply timethief 31st January 2013 at 1:57 am

    We have grab and go kits in 2 backpacks. They contain the important documents, meds, H20, survival rations & first aid kits like the Red Cross suggests. We also have 2 front packs. I’ll take the 2 Chihuahuas and hubby will take the Pomeranian. Bikes and oceangoing canoe with paddles are stationed where we may be able to get to them. All else will be abandoned if we have to evacuate.

  • Reply Burning Down The House – A Daily Prompt Post | Edward Hotspur 31st January 2013 at 2:41 am

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  • Reply Sundry 31st January 2013 at 5:01 pm

    I’ve done this, in front of a wildfire. All romance aside, I took my birds out first, then the insurance papers, my USB drives and external hard drive (with lots of pix) dumped into a laundry basket, some photo albums, our laptops. Grabbed a handful of clean shirts from the laundry room on the last trip out, which my husband thinks is funny, but which I had room for and thought would be nice in the evac center. What I didn’t get that I would have regretted: guitars, emergency cash, lots and lots more photos.

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  • Reply livebysurprise 6th June 2018 at 2:40 am

    Wonderful. Funny the things that cost so little – but mean so much.

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