And so, I’m sitting here in the kitchen. Today’s the first day out of the box for my computer, Truman Bubbles. If you look beyond the monitor, out the giant window, there’s trees. And thistle.

On our first morning here, last Monday, we were serenaded by sheep. We’re not in Edinburgh any more.

Isla’s been running up and down the hallway pushing her new walker thing. I’ve already removed the musical panel.

The TV is obscured by other boxes. However, I’ve only managed to finish one of the books I brought up with me for the first week here.

There’s been a lot of listening to music on my phone while parked between Isla and the boxes. I keep thinking I should be writing. When we were packing up the other place, I kept a notebook out, specifically for these days of flux. But I don’t know where it is now.

Neil’s been making trips with the moving van and drove up for good on Tuesday. He missed a midnight picnic and I missed him. I’ve also missed our coffee machine.

I’ve learned a few things about myself this past week.

1. I apologise way too much.

b. I can no longer drink instant coffee.

I won’t apologise for the coffee thing. See, this is me working on things.

In other news, when I find that notebook, I’m going to fill it up. I’m going to read through the books in my currently reading box. I’m going to have races with Isla down the hallway. She’ll always win, it’s a single-track road.

Last night, Neil and I went out to look at the stars. Because you can see them up here. When we spotted a shooting star, Neil said he made a wish.

I did, too.

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