Consider this a belated ‘If we were having coffee’ post.  Hi.

First, I would like to thank all of you who recently, and not so recently, clicked the button to read my ramblings.  I appreciate every one of you.  And I didn’t know there were so many, many flooring and sanding companies out there.  So that’s neat.

Life in the frosty north has been ticking along.  My NaNo novel has not.

The highlight of my day yesterday was when Isla asked me to cuddle up in her bed and watch some random person open surprise eggs.

‘Don’t you want to read a book?’

‘Not yet.’

So, she watched.  And I watched her.  I want to remember every bit of her kid-face when she’s 16, or 25, or 40.

Did I mention she got in a fight with a bookcase at school?  So her kid-face has a shiner on it.  We get book-related injuries in this family.

In other news, Campah and Gwamma have moved house.  Isla has tested out their hallway, and decided it’s very cool for running in.  My Dad has a new home office that he seems very proud of.

Last week, in a fit of NaNo, I asked Neil if I could share our spare room, which he uses as an office.  Before we moved in, we said we’d share it, but that hasn’t happened.

I tried to move out of the kitchen and claim a corner of the living room.  After five minutes, my bi-lingual child says, ‘Mumma, yer blockin’ the TV.’  And so, I switched the TV off.  But I took Frank the Laptop back into the kitchen.

In related news, I’ve started playing Design Home.  I have my own space in there.  With a purple couch.  Or a teal couch.  And a desk.  And lamps.  And Wisteria furniture.  Who knew?

As for NaNo, my word-count seems to improve when I write in the WordPress editor.  Thanks, WordPress.  I think it’s because blog posts are easier for me to write these days than other kinds of writing.  While I’m noveling, I am aware. Of every. Word.  When I’m blogging, it just happens.

Speaking of NaNo and blogging.  There’s a guest-post coming up tomorrow from Christine at I’m Sick and So Are You.  Stay tuned for that.

As for me, I’m working on a Work With Me page that outlines what I look for in blogging collaborations.

I’m also planning to ramble a bit on what I call a conversation policy and my tips on building a blogging community.  It’s not new, but it’s from me, and I’ve recently had some groovy folks actually ask me questions and I’m actually going to answer them.

I’d like to have a bit more focus here at Gin & Lemonade going forward.  I know I say that a lot, but it’s actually going to happen.

I’d like to talk and share more about accessible travel, and when it is inaccessible.  There will be words on wheels from my perspective, and I also want to continue to work with other disabled bloggers.

There will also be expatish issues, and parenting stories, and Isla-isms.

And sarcasm and books and coffee.

So, more of the same, just, well, more of it.

I can’t wait.

And I know that I’m going against my own blogging advice, but please let me know if there’s anything in particular who’d like me to ramble on about in future posts!

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