My second favorite thing about blogging is reading other people’s blogs.  To laugh with them, learn from them, and to feel less alone in my weirdness.

In no particular order, my must reads this year have been:

19 blogs I love and so will you

I’m Sick and So Are You – Christine writes about real things and is my kind of motivational.

Em Linthrope –  Em should write more and I’m looking forward to having a cider with her at this year’s Blogger’s Bash!

Suzie Speaks – Suzie speaks about everything.  She posts, I’ll read.  Like this post about how not to hate your blog in 2018.

Wheelescapades – I bonded with Gemma over wheels and access issues.  I like her even though she’s a tea fiend.  Check out her best 9 posts of 2017.

The Wandering Darlings –  Mel makes me want to travel everywhere, like yesterday.  And her Mum Debbie is pretty cool, too.

Traci York – I feel like I know Traci through her writing.  And her weekly Tarot Tuesdays are spot on for me.  Well, except for that one time, but I worked with it.

Angela Noel –  I imagine a meeting with Angela would include a front porch, boozy lemonade and laughing at runners wearing unfortunate Spandex.

But I Smile Anyway – Reading Ritu is like getting a giant hug.  Read her 2017 rewind.

Fatty McCupcakes – One of the things on my to do list this in 2018 is: Buy Katie a cupcake.

Just Another Blog From A Woman –  Hayley’s blog is way more than just another.  And we have the same reading and hair goals.

An Historian About Town – When we meet I’ll wait in the pub while The Historian goes on all the inaccessible ghost tours in Edinburgh.

Global Housesitter x2 – I kinda want to be like Suzanne when I grew up.  Go help her celebrate her recent blog anniversary.

A Walk and A Lark –  I think I mentioned before that Josy is pretty cool for someone who walks for fun.  That’s still true.  Even in Canada.

Coffee Until Cocktails – Beth is like the everything bagel of bloggers.

A Brummie At Home And Abroad – Emmalene and Mr Fletch remind me of me and The Tall Dude.  Except they’ve been to Vegas.

Fancy Paper –  I read Orla for parenting nods and other real talk.

Ruth Daly – I read Ruth to follow her travels and admire her photos.  Here’s her top 10 of the year.

Milly’s Guide – I love Lauren’s Friday Fives.  Which I read on a Saturday morning while drinking my coffee.  Grab a beverage and read Lauren’s year in review.

What are your favorite blogs this year? Don’t say mine!







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