‘Is this some kind of cross-over show?’

I was watching Paw Patrol and thought I saw Nella from Nella the Princess Knight.

‘No, Nella has a pink dress.  That’s a blue dress,’ said Isla.

Oh, of course.  And so begins Snow Day #2 in the Frosty North.  School is closed, Neil can’t drive out of the driveway to get to the shops.  He shovelled for half an hour before school called off.

We had to replace our snow-tires last year, and because of some medium-level snafu, we don’t actually have new ones yet.

And we are conserving milk.  So I’m sitting here drinking  my last coffee.  Hi.

I’m not actually complaining.  Maybe.  I just wish I could drive.  Or that there was a quirky coffee shop right next door. Or that my friends from Edinburgh, the Tri-State area, or the Southern Hemisphere were actually here and could share some of their good weather coffee with me.

Where is that damn teleporter?

Even to get to the shops.

In related news, Isla just answered the phone.  The conversation went like this:

‘Hello, Campah.  Are you snowed in, too?’

‘I am, a bit.  Are you off school?

‘YES.  Can I talk to the cats?’

So everyone’s stuck in their own house, and my daughter talks to cats.  Memories are made of this.

Trying to think warm thoughts here, I have an update on Gin & Lemonade’s 5K Giveaway.

All of you people are important to me, so my subscriber numbers are inclusive of the groovy people who follow my rambles through social media. Thanks to a somewhat puzzling surge on Gin & Lemonade’s Facebook page, I’m now over 5K. Thank you!

The draw happened this weekend, with the help of a spreadsheet, a randomiser and my kid.

The groovy human attached to random number 107 is Amy over at Amazing Mimi.

I now have to talk nicely to my Mom about the homemade gift I promised.  Because Mom brought pneumonia home from Scotland.

For Mom and anyone else feeling full of germs, try this recipe I found for a Hot Toddy.

In more tenuously linked blog/life news, I’m working on two new posts that I need proper headspace to finish which won’t be happening on a snow day, so stay tuned.

I’m also taking part in International Correspondence Writing Month in February, so if anyone wants a handwritten letter/postcard from me in the month of February let me know.

I also might be doing a post-a-day thing in February to further flex the writing muscles.

Getting back to today, I’ve finished my coffee, we are still snowed in, Isla and I will be having a pajama day.

Stay warm and send coffee,

Lorna xox


Back when the snow was pretty.










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