And so, I found myself with some alone time this weekend.  And I had PLANS, you guys.

I moved my laptop into the living room where I planned to write while watching television and eating Doritos for breakfast.

Neil was playing in a Go tournament (which he still insists isn’t actually chess), and Isla was spending the day at my Dad’s.

Everyone thought I needed kid-free, husband-free time, so I found myself tooling about the house on my own at 10 in the morning, testing out the echo of my own voice.  At 10.08, I texted some friends  one friend.  OK, what do I do NAOW?

At 10.38, I phoned Isla.  ‘HELLO, BABY.  I LOVE YOU.’

‘I know, Mumma.  Go do sings.’

So I turned on my favorite version of Uptown Funk.

And I did, not much.

Unless you count watching Judge Judy, which actually counted for a large percentage of my single life, so consider it nostalgia.

Then I organized my book stacks by color by looking at them and not doing much.  Except I read Lincoln In The Bardo, and then I found Masterchef USA on catch-up.

And I called Isla.  Again.  This time she was busy making chocolate cake, and I made a collage of the evidence.


This is the same kid who went to school in her PJs on World Book Day.  (Which was also International Wheelchair Day, on the same day.) I was sad that I missed it, and then I thought that’s every day around here.

I was going to post a mother-daughter book haul too, but I was too busy crying that ISLA LOOKS SO OLD.


But she still sticks her head in the cake bowl, so I think we are good for awhile.

PS.  Yes, same penguin onesie.  Different photos, different days.  She DOES have other clothes.

And yesterday with this conversation, she reminded me she’s still only 3.

Me: You’ve got lovely hair, Isla.
Isla: Sank you. You should go to the hairdresser.
Me: Really? And how old are you today?
Isla: 15. No, wait. I’m still 3.
Me: Awesome.

In relatedish news, nominations are open today for the Bloggers Bash Awards.

I’m super-excited to attend my first Bloggers Bash in May.  It’s my first blogging meetup ever.  Anyone have any pointers to share?

But see, by the time May rolls around, Isla will be nearly four.  So, I can wait.  Maybe.

Who else is going to the Bash?






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