The 29 List

2nd September 2010

This is the actual list that this blog isn’t actually about.  I posted it on Facebook, and said this:

I plan to use the last year of my twenties doing this stuff. Like me, this is in no particlar order:

Eat more sushi (and as it happens, dumplings.)

Stop writing on envelopes and phone bills which people end up throwing out, because they don’t know I write on envelopes and phone bills. (Really good stuff, at 2 am.)

Renew the passport, and USE it

Stand in the middle of a Square in Bruges and shout: it’s F—–‘ BRUGES!

Have my usual at the first Starbucks in Seattle (Venti white chocolate mocha with whip) And yes, all that sugar does make me a little twitchy. Now you know.  (Might move this to my 33 and a Third list, but more about that later.)

Watch all three Godfather films in a row, with Sarge.  Done, over three days, but done.

Get high on paint fumes again. This time with Sarge, beause it’s no damn fun on my own.

Become better at the whole directions/navigation/map thing, so I don’t feel like a schmuck while showing people around places I’VE ACTUALLY LIVED!

Watch lots more movies, with paprika popcorn.

Read all the books I’ve left unread/people have thrown at me.

Not buy another book for myself until the above item is checked off. Ok, so that part of the list is in order.  (FAILED, but happily.  Still there, as proof of my intentions!)

Finish at least one of the novels waiting to be liberated from my hard-drive.

Start a public blog and call it Spittin’ Nickels, or, …As in Frank, or, Gin & Lemonade.

Have lots of fun, and have it be all Sarge’s fault. Well, nearly.

Get a job that either isn’t, or doesn’t feel like, an actual job.

Eat on a roof at night.

This list was taken from a longer list of things I wanted to do before I was 30, which I wrote when I was 27.  A lot of that stuff is done, or involves (more) travel and other people, and therefore planning that won’t happen in the months left before I am 30.  So, there will be a 33 and a Third List, made of things that deserve a little more time.

Time is good.  I’m not going to be depressed because I haven’t been to Nashville, or been on a game show yet (on the longer list).  These are plans, and I have others.  I’m just going to have fun, and cross off/add things to my list along the way.

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  • Reply Sarah 2nd September 2010 at 3:47 pm

    Having fun is definitely the main thing – before OR after 30 😉

    • Reply LKD 2nd September 2010 at 3:53 pm

      Yeah, the numbers don’t matter anymore, I find. Or at least the numbers matter less, fun/enjoyment/living matters more.

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