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13th October 2010


''I Love Lucy

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Sarge and I went back to Glasgow for my best friend’s birthday dinner last weekend.  After my gift-buying mission was complete and we went here for more vanilla (and hazelnut and gingerbread) coffee syrup, we went to my favourite coffee shop in my old neighbourhood.

I lived around the corner from it, and it must have seemed like I held court there.  This is the place where I met friends, laughed, gossiped, waited and wrote.  I looked out onto the street and scribbled

what I saw, listened and noted what I heard.  I ordered a vanilla latte and took a photo of it while waiting for it to cool.

My time there reminded me of Friends, only with better music and without Joey.

It was the setting for my epic first date with Sarge, nearly a year ago.  We’d had lunch and then walked in the rain, finding refuge at my favourite table.  We left five and a half hours later, high on caffeine and life.

Sarge dropped me off at my front door; I went up to my flat and defrosted a pizza.  And then threw up.   Maybe in early solidarity with Sarge, who hates cheese.  Maybe I knew I’d had a day-long, epic last first date.  Maybe both.

Fast forward to Saturday.   Same coffee shop, same table, different conversation.  And as I sat there and listened to the music, I might have had a moment.  I might have teared up a little.  And if anyone asks, I might blame my tears on PMS.

I had more happy moments sitting at a table amongst my friends, making plans to do it again.  I was grateful for the fresh night air and being out in it with people I love and who make me laugh.  Even the taxi driver was in a cheerful mood.  We went home to my Dad’s and an air mattress on the floor.  I love that mattress.   No, I really do.  I imagine watching me get up from it is like something from an I Love Lucy episode.  And I love Lucy.

Pancakes were on the table and show tunes on the stereo on Sunday.  And I might have had another moment.  I won’t blame the PMS.

We went back through my old neighbourhood on the way to the train station.  Thought about stopping for coffee, and then said we’d have one at home.  One with hazelnut syrup in it.  Make that two.

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  • Reply Carol 13th October 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Coffee and loved ones. Life is perfect.

    • Reply LKD 17th October 2010 at 6:55 pm

      It is indeed.

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