On my desk today, you’ll find:

Coffee.  Today’s blend is Columbian Supremo.

2 of 501 pens in the house at any given time.

My perfume.  I’m still working on the same bottle I bought two years ago.  I collect perfume.  I either have too much or not enough, considering bottles last two years.

An eyeglass cloth, perhaps proof that I have one.   My glasses are always smudged, and it would seem I never use it.

Sewing kit.  I never use it.  That would be a disaster.

Chapstick.  It’s never in my bag, because it’s on my desk.

My keys on my Highlander (not that one) key chain.

Extra buttons for my jacket.  Unrelated to the sewing kit, because that would be too easy.  And make sense.

LOVE bookmark.  Found with the rubber chicken on the day I had piles. It isn’t in a book, because I read too quickly to need bookmarks.

(More) Power, juice for my once-hated iphone and ever-loved laptop, which never leaves the house.

Empty Wine Gum bag.  Only sweets I’ll buy on repeat.  Real wine gives me heart burn.

General layer of random receipts.  Let’s just say they’re there so all the other stuff doesn’t ‘scratch my nice glass furniture.’

What does your desk look like right now?

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