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A Blessing Of Flames

My new favourite sound is the pop of a champagne cork.  There was lots of popping this weekend to officially celebrate the engagement of The Butterfly and The Penguin.  Saturday saw 364 days until the wedding.  Not even a little...

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On The Road: Cambridge

Edinburgh — Peterborough – Cambridge — Peterborough — Edinburgh We boarded the train with two backpacks, my butterfly bag and George Bailey-Penguin, our travel mascot. I like train travel, and have come to accept the sometimes...

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How To Get Free Beer

Last weekend, Sarge and I went to the pub (OK, two pubs) to meet with friends and prove that he had survived meeting my mother.  We left the first pub in search of another one with an accessible toilet. I spend half my life...

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Got Wine?

This is the text of an actual text I just sent to my second-oldest friend.  I believe it speaks for itself: ‘Looking forward to tomorrow.  I love my life, but 30 just hit me.  Please bring white wine.’...

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You Look Happy, Were You Drunk?

The American in me wants to have pumpkin pie later on today and cold turkey sandwiches tomorrow. I am the kind of person who believes thanks aren’t just for Thanksgiving.  But in the spirit of the day, I’m going to share what I...

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Gaviscon and Goth Nails

Stress gives me heartburn.  Gulp-Gaviscon-and-belch heartburn.  I have decided I shouldn’t eat crisps and dip for dinner or look for a job after 8.00pm. I got another rejection yesterday.  I then asked my PA to polish my nails...

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