How to de-stress when you can't walk it off.As part of my own self-care for anxiety issues, I read a lot on things to do to de-stress.  A lot of these lists that I find rely heavily on running/walking/hiking/getting into interesting yoga poses.

To that I say fuck you whatever works.  My point is, all that outward-bound shit doesn’t work for me as a wheelchair-user.

Here’s what does:

Writing.  With a pen.  A list.  A letter. A novel.  A postcard.  A blog post.

Reading.  A book.  A short one to finish in one sitting.  Or a longer one to live with for  awhile.

Coloring.  Now. I have this thing where if I get in any way artistic I call it 4 O’Clock in the Day Room.  But I do like coloring.  I got postcards to color in last Christmas.  And I have actually sent them to people.  Not a lot of people, but they are out there.

Emailing my friends who live in different timezones.  Because it isn’t 4am in the Southern Hemisphere.  Or New York.  Except, y’know, when it is.

Drinking warm drinks.  Like wait for it, hot chocolate.  Bonus points for marshmallows.

Laughing.  With Isla.  With Neil.  With Sophia Petrillo.

Doing laps around the house.  Like from the living room to the kitchen.  Or along the path around the house.

Lifting weights.  Like hand weights.  Or dumbbells.  Or Isla.

Netflix and chill.  And sometimes, actually y’know, doing it.

Planning a trip.

Planning someone else’s trip.  To visit me.

Switching off from social media.  And doing everything else on this list.

What works for you?


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