Lift temporarily out of order

Image by warrenski via Flickr

Someone got stuck in our lift yesterday.  No, it wasn’t me.

Unlike other buildings I’ve lived in, the engineers  came out quite quickly, and it was working again almost before I knew it was gone.

People have actually asked me if I’m afraid of lifts.  Well, no.  If I were, I’d be screwed.  Or at least much thinner than I am.

As I’ve said before, I have no issue with stairs if friends and beer greet me at the top.

But the place where I choose to burn my popcorn, take my shoes off and live must have a lift.

And sometimes those lifts don’t work.  I’ve missed concerts, appointments, really good chocolate and hours off my paychecks due to faulty lifts that mean I can’t leave my flat.  On those days, the party comes to me.

And yes, I have been stuck in a lift.  I’d just come back from shopping and so my friend and I ate sushi while waiting to be rescued.

I’ve also been stuck in boxy “open-air” stair-lifts.  Up in the air.  From my vantage point near the front door, I greeted people I knew as if sitting in a box suspended off the ground was something I did for fun.  I was on a first-name basis with the engineers who took the call-outs for that building.

All of this has provided me with an interesting excuse for days off, a cool vantage point from which to people-watch, some nifty refunds and good stories to tell n the pub.  Which is where I’ll be tonight.   If the lift works.

And the story I’ll tell will be the one where I got in the lift after work today, and the belt from my jacket got caught in the door.  And I really did look to see if the belt was attached to the jacket, and therefore to me.  It was not.  The belt crept higher and higher up the doorway.  I stayed on the ground.  And then I made it to the ground.  I held my breath until the doors released my belt, and the lift released me.

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