I am not a blogging expert, I usually don’t blog about blogging.  I get my blogging advice from people who are smarter at blogging than I am.

I just write personal essays/sarcastic listicles in a public forum and some people like them.  That’s groovy.  I thank you.

In the spirit of not being a bullshit artist, you guys know I’ve been blogging since 2010.

However.  That’s only 430 posts.

I’ve had 3 day jobs, married one person, and made another person.  My blog has been kind of in the background all that time.

I’ve tried blogging schedules, keywords, having a blogging focus.  Niches make me itchy.

I love when you guys tell me you look forward to my posts, that I tell it like it is, and make you laugh.

I love the people I’ve met, and those I’ve yet to meet.

Since the fam and I moved to the boonies, I started to look at blogging differently.  More than just something on the side, but maybe something I could earn actual money from.

I’ve had conversations with business coaches and found out that I’m y’know, not a business person.

What is your business?  pexels-photo-459458

I want to create a home on the web for people who don’t know where home is?

Who are you helping?

Um, me?


During this whole WTF am I doing thing, I applied for Google Adsense.

They don’t think my content is valuable.



WTF have I been doing for all this time?

Oh yeah, working.  Making people.  Connecting with other people.  Living and writing about it.  I probably should write more, but that’s a work in progress.

My point is, for all this time I haven’t felt like the right person to offer blogging advice.

And yet.  My most popular post of recent times is 10 Things I’ve Learned In 7 Years of  Blogging.

Real talk:  I wrote that because people were asking how I’d build up such a community of groovy readers.  But that’s because of groovy people who read me.

More real talk.  I was kinda being sarcastic.  Surprise, surprise.


Consider this post an upgrade to that post.  Because apparently content upgrades are a thing now.

Some More No Bullshit Blogging Advice:

If you are sharing someone’s link to a post or pin of a post, please click through and read the post.  Some bloggers do write for themselves, but why share something you haven’t read?

Make sure the profile you’re commenting with is connected to your blog.  When someone comments on my stuff I want to visit them.  It’s sad when I can’t.  Link up your profile to your blog using this groovy how-to from Hugh.

I know I said in the first post to answer all your comments.  I might revise that one.  If you don’t reply back, at least connect with everyone who reaches out to you.  

Comment on one of their posts, follow their FB page if you like their stuff.  Blogging relationships take time, and don’t have to be immediately reciprocated or like for like.

Facebook Groups are beautiful things, but chore threads are bullshit.  Don’t make people comment on all the things and follow all the people.  I do participate in comment threads, but I read the posts before I drop my own link.

Don’t parrot the post back in the comments.  I don’t write to hear an echo, I share my stories to hear other people’s experience.  Talk about you.

Don’t pad out comments just to put more words in the box.  Short comments are more genuine, sometimes.

If you have a food blog, make sure that your food photos make people want to try your recipe.  No one wants to eat fugly food.

Put the title of the blog and your blog address somewhere on your pins.  People want to know what they’re pinning.  More on my Pinterest game is here.

Read your post aloud before you post it.  If it doesn’t sound like you, re-write it.  

If you have one person on your email list, write to that one person. (New newsletter coming out from me today.  Hi.)

And for less sarcastic blogging advice, read these people/blogs:

Suzie Speaks

Elena Peters

Helene In Between

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