Gin & Lemonade:  7 Years and Counting
I’m feeling nostalgic, and today I thought I’d take a trip down blog memory lane.

For better or worse, but mostly better, I’ve been writing on Gin & Lemonade for 7 years and counting.

I’ve travelled since I was 4 years old, but this blog began as a drunken idea I had in Italy when I was 25.

After a frustrating but daresay um, an ultimately uplifting day of cobblestones and access issues followed by beautiful food and lots of drink, I had a thought.

I couldn’t be the only disabled person that used a wheelchair and travelled anyway, that had a regular job, that was at the time looking for love, that did not spend my life looking to become undisabled, but worked with what I got.

My quest was not to walk unaided, it was to live a regular, full, travelling, sarcastic, loving, life.

To write good books and drink good coffee.

I came back from Italy, went back to my arts admin job, and my writing group, and my online dating profile.

I did not start a blog.

My obsessions at the time were, honest and truly, applying for my MA or MLitt or MFA, and eating my weight in supermarket cheesecake.

My friends suggested that I write a dating guide for disabled people, travel guides for disabled people.

I’d get to the second, third, or 6th date and come home alone and write stories to ghosts.

I didn’t consider myself an expert in anything.  Except maybe cheesecake.  And Roseanne episodes.

I moved twice in the same building, watched A LOT of arthouse films, and one year, ended up leaving my own Christmas party.

I did not start a blog.

After being evicted from three different flats because my landlords used my rent to go skiing instead of pay their mortgages, I signed a two-year lease on my fourth flat in Glasgow.

It was leafy.

I’d sworn off internet dating.  Almost. I finished some more short stories.

I did not start a blog.

And one day, I winked at Neil.  Online.  I can’t wink in real life.  It looks extra creepy when I try.

He wrote back, we had lunch, and saw each other three times a week for four months.

‘Move in with me,’ he says over dinner one night.

‘You live up three flights of stairs.’

‘Move in with me, into a new place.’

And I did some digging.  ‘Why?’

‘Because I love you.’

‘I love you, too.  Move in with me.’

‘I’m from Edinburgh.  I can’t live in Glasgow.’

‘You do realise I just signed a two-year lease?’


‘And your um, proposal is um, more secure than that?’

‘Eventually, yes.’

And so, I moved to Edinburgh.  Neil and I found a less leafy flat than the one that I left.

I’d always dreamed of living in Edinburgh.  There were fewer cobblestones in my dreams.

Neil had to drive me backwards over cobblestones on the way to brunch.  We’d eat and talk for hours about going to festivals, and basement gigs, and we began planning our penguin world tour.

I started a blog.  

About a third-culture kid (me) who travelled the world on wheels (also me) who moved in with her boyfriend (mine) and wanted to write about all that and a good cup of coffee.

My first post is over here.

In these 7 years, I wrote about that time I wasn’t a number, or a tourist.  That time I lost my phone and my best pen.

I wrote about my wedding and my honeymoon.

I’ve shared my dreams and when they began to come true.

I’ve shared my happiness and road-trips.

For me, and I hope you groovy readers, Gin & Lemonade is a coffee shop, a porch, and a pub for when the house is too small and you miss your friends.

When the only good coffee for miles is in your house, and you write and blog to connect with the world outside that very messy, smaller than you thought, but still full of love house.

Gin/coffee for everyone!



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